Real Living Nutrition Services Website Review & Ratings + Real Living Nutrition Services Coupons
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Real Living Nutrition Services Website Review & Ratings + Real Living Nutrition Services Coupons

Real Living Nutrition Services: Products & Services

Real Living Nutrition Services is a US based company that provides online weight loss programs.  The mission of this company is to empower its members to find long term weight loss solutions instead of quick fixes.  The vision of the company is to help its members lose weight, improve their health and create sustainable lifestyle changes by combining reliable nutrition, education, coaching and support. 

The weight loss programs were developed and designed after years of research and studies.  To achieve its goals, the company offers personalized weight management programs that are designed and delivered by registered dietitians.  The programs are designed like a workshop and not as a subscription service.  Once you complete your program, you can continue accessing your information any time with no monthly fees.

This company provides a number of online weight loss programs as explained below.

Balance Program – This is the core program of this company.  This online program empowers you to improve your health and achieve long lasting weight loss results.  It focuses on exercise and balanced nutrition and provides regular monitoring and coaching to enable you to attain your weight loss goals. This program has 8 sessions delivered online by a registered dietitian.  The sessions include emotional eating, metabolism, meal planning, learning modules and more.  There is also a weekly e-counseling session with your dietitian to discuss wins, challenges and ask questions. 

Mini Diet Makeover & Assessment – This program enables you to get a detailed weight loss, lifestyle, health and nutrition assessment by a registered dietitian.  After the assessment, you receive expert advice that includes a diet makeover to enable you make small changes in order to reach your desired weight loss goal.  Once you have completed this program, you have the option of enrolling for the Balance Program.

Healthy Living – This program is for those who have completed the Balance Program.  It is a maintenance program that provides continued support to help members maintain their weight loss.  Members continue to get one-on-one support through the company’s exclusive e-counseling sessions by a registered dietitian. 

 This company also offers some free wellness, nutrition and fitness resources to its customers.  These free resources include: 

  • Healthy Living E-Cookbook and Restaurant Guide
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Comprehensive nutrition/fitness/motivation article library
  • Healthy recipes
  • Recommended (relevant) books, fitness products, and healthy cooking products
  • Food Journals
  • Monthly electronic newsletter
  • BMI calculations
  • Recommended educational resources

There are numerous benefits of joining the programs offered by this company.  These benefits include:

  • Lasting weight loss
  • Decreased signs of aging
  • Improved Health
  • Decreased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and type II diabetes
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Increased Energy
Real Living Nutrition Services: Company Background

Real Living Nutrition Services was founded in 2002 by Meri Raffetto RD, LDN.  The company started as a weight management private practice specializing in cardiovascular nutrition.  After one year, Meri decided to offer online weight management services to enable more people manage their weight and live longer and healthier lives. 

The address of this company is 1124, Morrisville, NC 27560.  The telephone number is (919)744-9595, the email address is and the IP address is97.74.233.146

Real Living Nutrition Services: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Those who have used the programs offered by Real Living Nutrition Services appear to be quite happy.  There is very little negative feedback about this company.  Many of the satisfied customers reported having experienced additional energy, improved health and weight loss.  They were also happy with this company’s customer care service.  Below is some feedback from happy clients.

  • Before starting the Balance Program I was unmotivated.  I lacked the energy to take care of my body.  Lisa (Nelson) helped me regain my focus by giving me the tools necessary to make life changes with my dietand excercise program.  Healthy living is now second nature. Lisa (Nelson) was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you! Meg G. - Teacher, Livingston, MT
  • Before I spoke with Lisa (Nelson), I felt overwhelmed at the changes I needed to make to be healthy. Lisa gave me the support, encouragement, and knowledge I needed to focus in on small changes. Now I feel like this is something I can really do for myself and my family!"   Rikki K, Mother- Cedar Rapids, IA
  • I had been a yo yo dieter for more than 30 years and had just about given up hope of losing the excess pounds until I stumbled upon Real Living Nutrition and Roseanne Rust in April, 2007. I started with the Mini Diet Makeover and was so impressed with the indepth and helpful analysis that I signed up for the Balance Program. Over the course of a year, I lost 40 pounds and to date, have been successful in maintaining my pre-yo yo diet weight of 115 pounds. I have lost weight in the past, but would gain it back after hitting a plateau and becoming discouraged. Roseanne skillfully guided me through the plateaus and helped keep me moving in the right direction. The Balance program is a way of life, not a "diet" and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their quality of life. Karen K. - Meadville, PA
  • When I signed up for the Balance Program, my goal wasn’t just weight loss, but building healthy food habits.  I didn’t want to “go on a diet,” but instead, I wanted to change some bad habits and hopefully lose some weight along the way.  Rosanne Rust and the Balance Program fulfilled both of these goals for me.  The “diet make over” portion of the program made me realize that I had a lot of good habits, but like many things, there was room for improvement and change.  With a relaxed yet focused approach, Rosanne helped me make those changes in little steps.  Because it wasn’t a drastic overhaul of my lifestyle I was able to easily incorporate these changes into my daily habits.                
  • As a busy mother of three young children, I never felt pressured by either Rosanne or the Balance Program; it never felt like another thing on my “to do” list.  In the end, not only did I benefit from everything that I learned and the changes that I made, so did my family.  It was well worth the effort! Heather - Meadville, PA
Real Living Nutrition Services: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Real Living Nutrition Services is not registered, rated or accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Registering with the BBB is optional.  There are however some things that give this company good business credibility such as:

  • The founder of this company Meri Raffetto is a registered dietitian and is a member of the American Dietetic Association.
  • She is the past president of the California Coastal Tri-Country Dietetic Association.
  • Meri has contributed articles to leading media outlets such as Santa Barbara News Press” Women Magazine and Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine.
  • Meri has been interviewed by a number of radio shows and featured in the Chicago Tribune and Healthy Living Magazine.
  • She has written 2 nutrition and weight loss books.
  • She has developed education manuals and nutrition programs for hospitals, private businesses and corporate wellness.
  • She provided nutrition counseling for professional athletes training at Titan Sports Performance Center in Santa Barbara, CA.

In addition, this company partners with reputable healthcare organizations, life coaches, personal trainers, women’s organizations, health clubs and physicians to help people achieve their weight loss goals.  Some of the partners of this company are:

  • Southeast Women’s Center
  • National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health
  • Give Beauty Gift Card
  • Stroller Fill-Exercise with your baby
  • Healing energies
  • Hands on Health
  • Yoga Experience
  • Dr. Maria Halvorson, Do
  • Dee’s Personal Training
Real Living Nutrition Services: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Real Living Nutrition Services has been ranked at number 4,079,941 by alexa in terms of website popularity.  This rank is out of the 30 million global domains.  Alexa also estimates that the percentage of global internet users who visit this site in a period of 3 months is 0.000026.  The website has 78 sites linking in.

According to webstatsdomain, this website has a good SEO score of 22% and a fairly good Google pagerank of 3 out of 10.  The site is estimated to be worth $1,769.

Real Living Nutrition Services: Social Media Presence

Real Living Nutrition Services has a fairly good social media presence as it has pages in the major social media networking sites.  However, the company’s activity on some of these sites is quite limited.  For instance, a look at its twitter page shows that there are only 279 Followers, 430 Following and 318 Tweets.  The company’s facebook page also reveals limited activity as there are only 351 likes.

This company also has a blogspot that basically talks about wellness and weight loss.  The blog was lastly updated on 14th June, 2012.   The company also has an articles archive with numerous weight loss articles.  There is also a monthly newsletter that contains delicious recipes, effective weight loss tips and secrets and inspirational success stories. 

Real Living Nutrition Services: Website Security & Safety

Real Living Nutrition Services ensure the security of their website by using a secure (https://) connection when taking payment information.  This protects customers from credit card fraud.   In addition, the company does not sell the individual information of its customers to third parties.

According to Google, this website is not currently listed as suspicious.  A safe browsing diagnostic test was carried out on the site on 23rd January, 2013.  The test involved testing 2 pages on the site.  This Google safe browsing diagnostic test revealed that this site has not hosted any malicious software or distributed malware over the past 90 days. 

Real Living Nutrition Services: Pricing & Packages

Real Living Nutrition Services offers a number of online weight management programs to its customers.  Below are the prices of the top-level packages offered by this company.

The prices charged by this company are reasonable and they compare well with what competitors charge for similar programs.  Below is a brief price comparison.

Real Living Nutrition Services: Shipping Rates & Policies

Real Living Nutrition Services offers its services to customers worldwide.  The programs are delivered online meaning that there are no shipping charges.  You are enrolled into the program immediately after the successful completion of the checkout process.  You are allocated a personal dietitian who gets in touch with you within 72 hours.

As a client, you are given your own personal welcome page with a mailbox to enable you receive correspondence from your dietitian.  Your dietitian interacts with you weekly for an e-coaching session.  The dietitian gives you personalized guidance to enable you achieve the desired results.  Once you complete your program, you can continue accessing your information any time at no extra cost. 

Real Living Nutrition Services: Payment Methods Accepted

If you want to use the programs offered by Real Living Nutrition Services, you are required to pay the specified membership fee.  Making payment on this site is quite easy and convenient.  The only payment method accepted by this company is PayPal.  You can pay using your PayPal account balance or use the major credit cards accepted on the PayPal website.  These credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  The company also accepts BillMeLater, a service provided by PayPal.

Real Living Nutrition Services: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Real Living Nutrition Services does not have a money-back guarantee.  The materials, content, offerings and products on the company’s website are provided without warranties of any kind, either implied or express.  No exchanges or refunds are given during or before use of any Real Living Nutrition programs. 

However, if a customer who has already paid is unable to use the online weight management programs due to Internet Technology problems, a full refund can be made to their PayPal account.  The company describes Internet Technology problems as any technical problems where the website or online program malfunctions and the client is thus unable to use it.

There is no evidence online to show whether this company honors or does not honor its refund policy.

Real Living Nutrition Services: Product images & screenshots
Real Living Nutrition Services Coupons
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